Australian Fire Tragedy

Merz employees from around the world are sending their prayers to the Merz Australian team and indeed all Australians, as we go through this catastrophic disaster. Concern for human life, animal welfare, homes, businesses and the beautiful Australian bushland is dominating the thoughts of the Merz global team. The tragic loss of human life in this firestorm has been disconsolate and our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of people who have lost their lives in this disaster.

Although in some regards, many of us feel powerless to do very much to help those impacted, we are aware that Animal Rescue Centres and the Rural Fire Services are amongst many organisations that desperately need financial assistance at this time and for the foreseeable future, as all Australians endeavour to work together to rebuild communities, re-build businesses, assist our bushland to start to regenerate and support the recovery of injured animals.

For this reason; in addition to the many private donations made by Merz employees to support these organisations, Merz globally has also made a generous donation to the Rural Fire Service and Animal Rescue.

We hope that this small gesture of support will be of help, along with the combined prayers of all the Merz global team, for the impacted families.